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Maintain the Beauty of Your Home with Hidden AV Technology Solutions

There is No Need to Sacrifice the Decor of Your Home with Audio-Visual Equipment that Disappears When not Used.

Your home is more than a space to live in; the architectural lines and decor are a reflection of you. The modern smart home furnishes you with the ability to shape your house to fit your lifestyle.

While the technology used is essential, making your life easier and more convenient, it should not call attention to itself. The fact that you have speakers, controllers, and televisions in every room does not mean they should dominate the visual aesthetic, especially when they are not needed. At Rely Technology, we are experts in providing hidden tech solutions for carefully designed homes like yours.

Are you intrigued by a home audio-video installation that delivers superb quality without disturbing the look of your Lexington, KY, home? Read below to find out more.

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Hide-Away Televisions

Keeping informed and entertained with news and movies is a part of our downtime and relaxation. You want the highest quality displays generating ultra-high-definition 4K video that immerses you in whatever you are watching. Unfortunately, when these units are off, they present a dull facade, draining the light from the room with their matte black housings.

You and your designers worked hard to create spaces that satisfy the eye and soothe the soul. In order to maintain a balance, Stealth Acoustics offers solutions such as Cover Art motorized Screen covers that blend your flat-screen display into the decor of the room. Using an image of your choice, the automated canvas rises when you turn the monitor on. When you are done and turn the TV off, the image lowers, concealing it from view. The company also offers the Stealth Patio Theater hide-away enclosures for large outdoor screens.

Samsung has long understood the desire to enjoy the best in technology while not sacrificing your aesthetic. The company’s The Frame is a QLED, Ultra-High-Definition television enclosed within stylish bezels resembling picture frames in sizes ranging from 43-65 inches. The TVs come with access to over a thousand high-definition images of artwork ranging from classics to modern masterpieces to display on-screen when it is turned off. The TV’s innovative sensors automatically adjust the brightness based on lighting conditions and turn off when you are not in the room. The Frame is the perfect way to disguise a TV in plain sight as attractive artwork.

Music That is Heard Not Seen

You revel in how your whole-home audio system moves and inspires you, but the bulky boxes and glaring grills do not fit the fashion of every household. You may presume that rich, full-bodied audio requires units that take up wall and floor space. If you feel that music should be heard and not seen, we have several excellent options.

Monitor Audio and Stealth Acoustics both offer lines of barely noticeable and invisible speakers. Ceiling and wall-mounted speakers are mounted with setback drivers that sit behind paintable flush-mounted grills. The directional components allow for complete coverage with audiophile quality sound.

When there is absolutely no room for any interruption of the surface, there are speaker models that mount inside of the walls with no visible grills. These speakers produce a soundscape that fills your home with music that seems to emanate from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Best of Both Worlds

There is no need to choose between enjoying your high-tech entertainment or visually stunning design. Are you intrigued by the possibilities of hidden AV? Call us today at (859) 402-1413 or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation. We would love to work with you.

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