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Articles in Category: Home theater installation

Home theater installation information and advice from Rely Technology in Lexington, KY

Home Theater Installation Advice from An Expert Integrator

All the components you’ll need and what you should get from an installer

Home Theater Installation Advice from An Expert Integrator

If you were going to design a car, who would you go to for help and advice? A mechanic, right? Maybe an engineer as well? You want someone who can tell you not only how a car works, but how you can get it to do what you want it to.

A similar idea is true when it comes to your home entertainment: The person best equipped to install your AV technology is someone who knows how these devices work and how to make them work well together. That’s where an integrator comes in.

A home theater installation is a significant investment for any Lexington, KY, homeowner, so you want an expert to design and set up your system. Today we’ll walk you through some home theater design tips as well as what you should look for in an integrator before starting your project.

Audio-Video Products To Boost Your Home Theater Business

Essential features to keep in mind for your next Lexington, KY home theater installation project

Audio-Video Products To Boost Your Home Theater Business

New home theater devices are flooding the market every day, and if you’re a builder, architect, or other business professional tied to the custom electronics industry, your customers are going to ask for more and more of these features in coming years. But what are the best, essential products your customers will want for their next home theater installation, and which can be set aside? At Rely Technology, we know the needs of Lexington, KY building professionals, and here’s our list of must-have home theater devices: