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Articles tagged with: lighting control

Keeping an Eye on Multiple Offices Using Automation

Smart Systems Allow You to Control Security and Lighting, Conduct Seamless Videoconferences, and More

Keeping an Eye on Multiple Offices Using Automation

Owning and operating a small business in one location can be a significant challenge. If you own or manage multiple businesses or have different offices in different areas, you know the headaches involved are exponentially greater than running a solo operation. You need help to handle the less crucial aspects of your business while you focus on keeping things running smoothly at a macro level.

Commercial automation systems offer many tools to help business owners or managers do their job more quickly and effectively across multiple locations. If you use these tools to handle everyday tasks, you can spend more time growing your business and taking care of higher-priority challenges. Here are a few ways business automation can aid business owners and managers in Lexington, KY.

3 Smart Home Systems for The Best Return on Your Investment

These devices will help you save money while also helping you have more fun and relax better at home

3 Smart Home Systems for The Best Return on Your Investment

If you’re prepared to sink potentially thousands of dollars into a home automation system, it would be nice to know you’ll get some return on that investment. While smart home technology is aimed more at improving your lifestyle than your bottom line, these devices can still help you see significant savings, which is a good way to offset the initial cost of setting up the system.

But which devices give you the best return for your money? That’s the question this blog seeks to answer. To learn which gadgets offer the best value for your Lexington, KY smart home system, read on.

Save Energy and Money This Winter with Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades Are an Easy, Powerful Way to Add Comfort to Your Smart Home While Cutting Costs

Save Energy and Money This Winter with Motorized Shades

The chill of winter in Kentucky can cast an icy spell over your smart home. With temperatures falling and shorter days, it can be difficult to get your home heated to the degree you want without significant energy expenditures, which only adds insult to frost-bitten injury.

Luckily, home automation technology can mitigate the worst impacts of winter and help you put a dent in your energy bills. To learn more about how big an impact motorized shades can have on your Lexington, KY home, read on.