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Articles tagged with: motorized shades

Enhance Your Client’s Home With Motorized Window Treatments

Discover How Hunter Douglas Smart Shades Add Privacy, Protection, And Savings Without Compromising Style

Enhance Your Client’s Home With Motorized Window Treatments

The way a house looks and feels are essential components in a homeowner's sense of comfort. A home should be the one place where an individual is free to express their true self, unencumbered by the trials and tribulations of the world outside.

One of the big draws to living in the Lexington, KY area is our connection to nature, with beautiful views and wide-open vistas that lie just outside. While a bare and unadorned window offers an unfettered view and allows the free flow of natural sunlight, too much of a good thing can be problematic. Motorized window treatments from Hunter Douglas offer a variety of fashion-forward choices that add energy savings and protect interiors without sacrificing the aesthetic of a space. 

Are you looking to furnish your clients with beauty and benefits? Continue reading below to learn more. 


Smart Technologies Provide Peace of Mind, Enhancing Every Aspect of Your Life in a New Home


home automation system offers many luxuries that make your life in your home more convenient and comfortable. At the touch of a button, you have a world of entertainment available to you throughout the house, and the management of daily tasks is made easier. While a Rely Technology smart home enhances your lifestyle, it also improves the way you live. 

Now more than ever, we spend a great deal of time at our homes. The environment you live in should inspire, invigorate, and make you feel safe and secure. As you work with your architect on the perfect shape, flow, and look of your new home, incorporating technologies that help bring balance is essential.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your new home in the Lexington, Kentucky area? Then continue reading below to find out more. 


Learn how combining window treatments and smart home technology increases sales and protects your clientele


The unprecedented demand for homeownership, both new-build and previously owned, continues to grow over the next two years. While this is good news for builders, architects, and designers, upscale buyers are looking for more than finely appointed interiors and high-grade fixtures.

The new, younger, and more technologically savvy clients want the sophisticated ease of home automation. High on the list of smart home must-haves, along with high-end audio and intelligent lighting, are motorized shades and automated blinds. Window treatments add a sense of style and contribute to improved comfort, energy savings, and privacy.

Studies show that the smart window treatment market is expected to grow from $3 billion to nearly $7 billion by 2026. So, are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Lexington, KY projects? Continue reading to learn more.

Smart Home Services That Meet Your Design Needs

Automated Home Technology Integration That Works With Your Designs and Client Expectations

Smart Home Services That Meet Your Design Needs

The modern home requires significant amount of technical infrastructure; our clients demand smart home services that conform to their needs and lifestyle. The luxury of a technology-based home goes beyond the gee-whiz factor of internet connectivity and smartphone apps for devices. Rather than a collection of disparate devices, the integration creates an ecosystem that responds organically to its occupant’s daily living.  

A smart home provides features like the convenience of automation that helps manage daily operations without intervention, improved wellness, and unrivaled access to entertainment. Integrating the different systems into one interrelated network ensures almost any need can be accommodated, even those the owners may not realize they need! Working in collaboration with architects, designers, and builders, we help bring your client’s desires to fruition. 

Are you looking to include more home automation solutions and services for your Lexington, KY clients? Read below to find out how we can help.