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Articles in Category: Whole Home Audio

From easy access to stylistic touches, check out the many benefits whole home audio can bring to your space.

Why Whole-Home Audio Makes a Great Holiday Gift

Give your friends or family the gift of endless audio entertainment this season

Why Whole-Home Audio Makes a Great Holiday Gift

With more audio options to enjoy in our homes than ever before, making it so you or someone you know can enjoy audio entertainment anywhere in a home is a great holiday gift idea. Whether it’s streaming music, your favorite CDs or albums, sounds from the big game, or the score to your favorite movie, everybody enjoys some form of audio. Here are a few reasons why you should get a whole house audio system for your friends and family in Lexington, KY.

How to Create the Ultimate Sonic Experience in the Home

Work With a Professional to Give Your Clients the Best in Home Audio

How to Create the Ultimate Sonic Experience in the Home

Whole home audio systems are one of the first technologies owners want to add during new construction projects. As a designer or architect, it's vital that you take these needs into account when designing a space for your clients. That doesn't mean you have to learn everything about room acoustics, low-voltage wiring, or speaker specs. It just means finding the right technology partner to implement them in your luxury projects throughout Lexington, KY. This blog features the steps you should take to deliver a high-quality audio experience to your clients.