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Articles tagged with: Control4

How to Choose the Right Smart Home Partner for Your Next Build

Bringing user-friendly smart homes to your clients depends on working with an experienced integrator

How to Choose the Right Smart Home Partner for Your Next Build

In 2021, smart homes are mainstream. Today’s new homeowners are factoring in smart technology and automation as must-have amenities in modern homes. As a result, more and more design-build professionals realize the value of including smart home packages in contracts for new builds. Being able to offer smart tech packages gives builders, designers, and architects a competitive edge in a rapidly growing industry.

Now design-build professionals are on the hunt for the right smart home partner to help deliver sophisticated technology solutions to clients. 

If you’re interested in incorporating smart tech packages into your new builds, keep reading to learn what to look for in a smart home partner. Then call Rely Technology to discuss bringing Control4 smart homes to your clients in Lexington, KY and surrounding areas.

Let’s Bring Whole-Home Automation Solutions to Homeowners

Learn how a smart home integrator adds value to custom home projects

Let’s Bring Whole-Home Automation Solutions to Homeowners

If you’re in a profession like architecture, home building or interior design, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the rise in demand for home automation and smart technology systems in homes in Lexington, KY. Homeowners are captivated by the convenience, comfort, and improved home management smart tech solutions bring to their lifestyles.  

Design and build professionals can meet client expectations and increase the value of custom home projects by partnering with an integration firm to bring whole-home solutions for automation and smart technology into new builds, retrofits, and remodels. Keep reading to learn three reasons to partner with an integrator like Rely Technology for your next custom project.

Live A More Luxurious Life with Control4 Home Automation

Here are five features you can install to make life at home easier and more relaxing.

Live A More Luxurious Life with Control4 Home Automation

We all live hectic, chaotic lives, but that doesn’t mean that chaos needs to follow us home. Your home should be the space where you can unwind and let go of the stresses of your day. Unfortunately, some of the devices we buy to make our lives easier can often have the exact opposite effect.

Enter home automation from Control4. With the right installation from a Control4 dealer, your life becomes much less stressful and unruly. Today’s blog will go through five features that a Control4 system can manage in your Lexington, KY, home to simplify your daily lifestyle

Everything You Need to Know About Control4's Exciting OS 3 Update

Your Lexington, KY, smart home is easier to manage than ever as Control4 unveils a range of new and upgraded features

Everything You Need to Know About Control4's Exciting OS 3 Update

Your home control system is the centerpiece of your smart home. It’s what keeps your various devices talking to each and helps them work together better. It’s exciting news, then, that Control4 has a free update for their customers in the form of OS 3.

With OS 3, Control4 aims to completely transform the experience of managing your smart home. The controls are easier and more intuitive, there are more ways to customize your system to your liking, there are new music streaming options, and so much more. Here’s a sampling of what a Control4 smart home with OS 3 can do for Lexington, KY, residents.