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Improve the Way You Live with Smart Technologies

Smart Home Companies Add Luxury and Convenience to Your Daily Routines

Improve the Way You Live with Smart Technologies

The modern client is looking for homes that go beyond providing just a place to lay their head down at night; it is an extension of their personality. As a leader among the country’s top home automation companies, we have the expertise to meet the expectations and desires potential homebuyers expect from a luxury property.

Smart technologies furnish more than bringing more convenience to your routines. A professional system enhances the way people live and is personalized to an individual's desires. Imagine returning from a long day to a space perfectly attuned to your needs, with temperature, lighting, and entertainment welcoming you home. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities our certified staff will bring to your Lexington, KY project? Then continue reading below to learn more. 


Effortless Entertainment Everywhere in the Home Is a Top Priority for Homebuyers.


We live in a technology-centric world, one where home purchases can hinge on its readiness for smart home automation or include alternative energy options. Entertainment sits at the top of the list for all demographics. The desire for instant access to content that inspires, distracts, and relaxes is nearly universal. 

Recent surveys on consumer tech spending show strong demand for entertainment-based devices and a home infrastructure to support it. In addition, the data shows that the leading driver of purchases is sports-related events like the start of a season, playoffs, and championship games. 

Modern Lexington, KY clients are looking for more than a TV and connection. They want modern AV solutions that offer the latest in access, distribution, and immersive experiences. Explore how AV solutions can help you differentiate your projects for increased client satisfaction. 


Learn how combining window treatments and smart home technology increases sales and protects your clientele


The unprecedented demand for homeownership, both new-build and previously owned, continues to grow over the next two years. While this is good news for builders, architects, and designers, upscale buyers are looking for more than finely appointed interiors and high-grade fixtures.

The new, younger, and more technologically savvy clients want the sophisticated ease of home automation. High on the list of smart home must-haves, along with high-end audio and intelligent lighting, are motorized shades and automated blinds. Window treatments add a sense of style and contribute to improved comfort, energy savings, and privacy.

Studies show that the smart window treatment market is expected to grow from $3 billion to nearly $7 billion by 2026. So, are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Lexington, KY projects? Continue reading to learn more.

Maintain the Beauty of Your Home with Hidden AV Technology Solutions

There is No Need to Sacrifice the Decor of Your Home with Audio-Visual Equipment that Disappears When not Used.

Your home is more than a space to live in; the architectural lines and decor are a reflection of you. The modern smart home furnishes you with the ability to shape your house to fit your lifestyle.

While the technology used is essential, making your life easier and more convenient, it should not call attention to itself. The fact that you have speakers, controllers, and televisions in every room does not mean they should dominate the visual aesthetic, especially when they are not needed. At Rely Technology, we are experts in providing hidden tech solutions for carefully designed homes like yours.

Are you intrigued by a home audio-video installation that delivers superb quality without disturbing the look of your Lexington, KY, home? Read below to find out more.