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2019 Smart Home Products and Trends to Watch

From AI-controlled security systems to smart mirrors for your bathroom, exciting new technologies are on the horizon

2019 Smart Home Products and Trends to Watch

The end of a year always brings exciting possibilities for what might be coming next. The world of home automation is no different, and manufacturers have started to give us a clue about what might be coming to your home in 2019. Here’s a preview of new smart home automation systems suitable for installation in your Lexington, KY home next year.

Why Whole-Home Audio Makes a Great Holiday Gift

Give your friends or family the gift of endless audio entertainment this season

Why Whole-Home Audio Makes a Great Holiday Gift

With more audio options to enjoy in our homes than ever before, making it so you or someone you know can enjoy audio entertainment anywhere in a home is a great holiday gift idea. Whether it’s streaming music, your favorite CDs or albums, sounds from the big game, or the score to your favorite movie, everybody enjoys some form of audio. Here are a few reasons why you should get a whole house audio system for your friends and family in Lexington, KY.

4 Ways to Integrate Automation with a Home Alarm System

How to take full advantage of smart technology to improve a home’s security network

4 Ways to Integrate Automation with a Home Alarm System

One of the most attractive features of smart home automation technology is the ability of multiple systems to work together in a way that enhances each individual system’s strength. While we’ve written before about how this applies to things like home theaters and lighting control, the same principle can also be applied to home security solutions.

For home builders, designers and architects, this represents an opportunity to impress your clients by demonstrating the utility of automation technology. Today, let’s look at how automation can be combined with alarm systems to help your Lexington, KY clients.

Common Audio Video Mistakes to Avoid in Your Restaurant or Bar

Tips for building an A/V system that’s simple, easy to use and takes maximum advantage of the power of automation

common audio video mistakes to avoid in your restaurant or bar


Whether you operate a quiet, upscale restaurant or a rowdy sports bar, audio and video play a major role in your guests’ dining experience these days. There may be TVs scattered about, speakers covering multiple areas within your space, and multiple audio or video feeds that need to be sent to different places.

This can be a major headache if you’re relying on old-fashioned systems, but it doesn’t have to be. At Rely Technology, our technicians and designers will make sure the restaurant audio video installation for your Lexington, KY establishment will simplify your life and wow your customers. Read on to learn more.