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Making Your Backyard Pop with Outdoor Audio Video

How to take advantage of the latest tech to enhance your property

Making Your Backyard Pop with Outdoor Audio Video

With spring in full bloom and summer on the way, now’s the time to get your home ready for outdoor fun. And one way to add some life to your backyard gatherings this summer is with new technology and an updated landscape design.

Outdoor TVs and speakers can dramatically enhance your entertainment experience, but you also want to minimize their presence to maintain your home’s outdoor aesthetic. Let’s look at how the latest outdoor audio and video systems can transform your Lexington, KY, home.

Easy Guide to a Powerful New Commercial A/V Installation

Give Your Office or Retail Space a Makeover and Enhance the A/V Experience

Easy Guide to a Powerful New Commercial A/V Installation

Depending on the business you’re in, chances are you don’t think too much about your business’ A/V system. However, neglecting this aspect of your business is a mistake, as what your customers or clients see and hear is a crucial element in how they perceive your operation.

A/V systems for businesses are something we’ve touched on before, but you may still be a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on an A/V upgrade. That’s why this blog will walk you through our process for designing and installing a commercial A/V system for Lexington, KY business owners. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll see what sets Rely Technology apart from our competitors and why you should choose us for your next project.

Keeping an Eye on Multiple Offices Using Automation

Smart Systems Allow You to Control Security and Lighting, Conduct Seamless Videoconferences, and More

Keeping an Eye on Multiple Offices Using Automation

Owning and operating a small business in one location can be a significant challenge. If you own or manage multiple businesses or have different offices in different areas, you know the headaches involved are exponentially greater than running a solo operation. You need help to handle the less crucial aspects of your business while you focus on keeping things running smoothly at a macro level.

Commercial automation systems offer many tools to help business owners or managers do their job more quickly and effectively across multiple locations. If you use these tools to handle everyday tasks, you can spend more time growing your business and taking care of higher-priority challenges. Here are a few ways business automation can aid business owners and managers in Lexington, KY.

Why an Integrated Security System Is the Best Option for Your Home

How a Customized, Whole-Home Approach to Security Will Keep You Safer Than Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Why an Integrated Security System Is the Best Option for Your Home

Creating a safe home is one of the most important priorities for any family. You want to know you and your loved ones can rest easy when you’re at home.

There are many actions you can take to provide that feeling of stability and security at home, but one of the best is an integrated, automated security system. While traditional security systems or DIY solutions may cover the basics, an integrated system uses a whole-home approach that keeps you informed of what’s happening while you’re away and lets you respond more quickly to security threats. Here are a few reasons why you should install a smart security system in your Nicholasville, KY home.