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Rely Technology proudly offers customized bar and restaurant audio video installations for Kentucky business owners. Find out more through our blog series.

Common Audio Video Mistakes to Avoid in Your Restaurant or Bar

Tips for building an A/V system that’s simple, easy to use and takes maximum advantage of the power of automation

common audio video mistakes to avoid in your restaurant or bar


Whether you operate a quiet, upscale restaurant or a rowdy sports bar, audio and video play a major role in your guests’ dining experience these days. There may be TVs scattered about, speakers covering multiple areas within your space, and multiple audio or video feeds that need to be sent to different places.

This can be a major headache if you’re relying on old-fashioned systems, but it doesn’t have to be. At Rely Technology, our technicians and designers will make sure the restaurant audio video installation for your Lexington, KY establishment will simplify your life and wow your customers. Read on to learn more.

Do You Need an Update to Your Restaurant's Audio Video Installation?

Elevate the Customer Experience with High-Performance A/V Technology

Do You Need an Update to Your Restaurant's Audio Video Installation?

If you own a restaurant or a bar here in the Lexington, Kentucky area, it is now approaching a critical time of the year.

University of Kentucky students are back in town, and football season is just around the corner. If you want to attract and retain more business this academic school year, did you know that your establishment’s audio and video systems can play a significant role?

Whether you find that TVs in your restaurant or bar deliver lackluster image quality, speakers tend to be too loud or offer subpar audio, or it’s simply just a hassle for you and your employees to juggle all of the different technologies in your establishment, your business could benefit from a restaurant audio video installation this fall.

Below, we explore what an updated audio video installation can look like at your establishment and detail why it would be a beneficial move.