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Why Whole-Home Audio Makes a Great Holiday Gift

Give your friends or family the gift of endless audio entertainment this season

Why Whole-Home Audio Makes a Great Holiday Gift

With more audio options to enjoy in our homes than ever before, making it so you or someone you know can enjoy audio entertainment anywhere in a home is a great holiday gift idea. Whether it’s streaming music, your favorite CDs or albums, sounds from the big game, or the score to your favorite movie, everybody enjoys some form of audio. Here are a few reasons why you should get a whole house audio system for your friends and family in Lexington, KY.



Switching back and forth between different types and sources of audio isn’t terribly convenient, and it often requires juggling multiple remotes or devices. A whole-house audio system solves this problem by centralizing all your audio sources and letting you control them from one device.

A properly configured audio system lets you control what you’re listening to instantaneously with a touchpad or other device. Whole-house audio also means you aren’t tied to a specific room to enjoy your favorite audio content; your receiver may be in your media room, but wireless speakers can be placed anywhere, giving you more spaces and more ways to listen to whatever you want. This also means whatever you’re listening to can follow you from room to room.

These systems also allow you to enjoy different types of audio in different areas much more easily. Instead of fighting for control of the remote, you can easily have one audio source playing in one room while something else plays in another.


Tired of listening to the same albums from your collection over and over? Whole-house audio systems can expand your music library dramatically through the integration of streaming music services. With easy integration for services like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and more, these systems give you a nearly endless catalog of audio content to enjoy.

On the other hand, perhaps your album collection has been gathering dust because it’s more convenient to use a streaming service. A whole house audio system can give your collection new life by removing the need for your speakers to be in the same room as your CD or record player. While streaming services have large libraries, they don’t carry everything, and whole house audio can make it much easier to enjoy your favorite musical gems from your own library.


This is considerably less important than the factors we’ve already discussed, but there’s no denying that whole-house audio systems are impressive feats of technology. Whether the gift recipient is a gadget geek or not, they’ll undoubtedly have a lot of fun playing with their new toy and showing it off to their friends and family. And who doesn’t like bragging a little bit about having the latest and greatest electronic toys?

These are just a few reasons to give the gift of whole-home audio this season. To learn more about what this technology can do, call Rely Technology at (859) 402-1413 or visit our website.

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