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Making Your Backyard Pop with Outdoor Audio Video

How to take advantage of the latest tech to enhance your property

Making Your Backyard Pop with Outdoor Audio Video

With spring in full bloom and summer on the way, now’s the time to get your home ready for outdoor fun. And one way to add some life to your backyard gatherings this summer is with new technology and an updated landscape design.

Outdoor TVs and speakers can dramatically enhance your entertainment experience, but you also want to minimize their presence to maintain your home’s outdoor aesthetic. Let’s look at how the latest outdoor audio and video systems can transform your Lexington, KY, home.

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There’s no reason you can’t enjoy high-performance audio outdoors as well as indoors. With the right equipment, you can seamlessly add an outdoor dimension to your existing whole-home audio setup.

One premium outdoor speaker brand we work closely with is Triad. Triad designs and builds their products at their HQ in Portland, OR, and their speakers are custom-built for specific uses, not off the rack solutions. Triad uses only the highest-quality drivers and other components for their speakers, and they can customize the speakers’ finish to match any material or color; you even get a 10-year limited warranty.

Triad’s Garden Array line features all-weather speakers that can be placed to blend in with flowers beds, along garden paths and in other subtle areas to blanket your yard in superb sound. For a more traditional approach, their Outdoor OD25 and OD26 speakers can be mounted along patio roofs or in unobtrusive spots on your walls without disrupting your overall aesthetic.

Another brand we highly recommend is Episode Speakers. Their Satellite Speakers can withstand temperatures from -20 to 185° F, and their small size and sharp design help them to blend in with outdoor settings. Their rock speakers, available in granite and sandstone finishes, don’t look like speakers at all while still delivering quality sound. And their Terrain Landscape Kit includes four 4” satellite speakers, four stakes and an 8” subwoofer to blanket your entire yard in high-fidelity audio.


Watching TV outdoors demands certain considerations in terms of design and installation, but you shouldn’t let those factors deter you from putting a TV in your yard. The trick is to pick the right TV and incorporate it in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the look of your landscape.

As far as brands go, the two leaders in outdoor TVs are Seura and SunBrite. Both manufacturers make TVs that are up to three times brighter than indoor displays, ensuring you can see the screen even on the brightest days. Both companies’ TVs are also built to withstand weather extremes while still delivering 4K UHD image quality, making them perfect for any outdoor environment.

However, outdoor TVs are hard to blend with your existing landscape design, particularly if you’re going for a more natural look. So, what’s the solution? Easy: Hide your TV when you’re not using it. With specially designed furniture, you can keep your TV out of sight until you’re ready to turn it on. Other solutions include mounting the TV in an out-of-the-way spot like the corner of your patio.

To learn more about the benefits of hidden outdoor A/V technology, call us at (859) 402-1413. You can also fill out our online contact sheet.

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