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Articles tagged with: smart home security

Why an Integrated Security System Is the Best Option for Your Home

How a Customized, Whole-Home Approach to Security Will Keep You Safer Than Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Why an Integrated Security System Is the Best Option for Your Home

Creating a safe home is one of the most important priorities for any family. You want to know you and your loved ones can rest easy when you’re at home.

There are many actions you can take to provide that feeling of stability and security at home, but one of the best is an integrated, automated security system. While traditional security systems or DIY solutions may cover the basics, an integrated system uses a whole-home approach that keeps you informed of what’s happening while you’re away and lets you respond more quickly to security threats. Here are a few reasons why you should install a smart security system in your Nicholasville, KY home.

Builders Guide to Choosing the Right Home Security Cameras

How to find the right surveillance system to meet the needs of your Lexington, KY clients

Builders Guide to Choosing the Right Home Security Cameras

One of the most important issues a customer will face before buying a home is security. We all want to feel safe in our homes, and someone who doesn’t think a home is safe is unlikely to buy that home. This, in turn, leads to lost revenue and opportunities for designers, architects and other building professionals.

What can you do to help your clients feel safe in their chosen home? One solution is security and surveillance cameras. Not all security systems are created equal, however, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the right home security cameras for your Lexington, KY homes or developments.

A Builders' Easy Guide to Home Security Systems

What to look for in smart home security systems and why you need an integrator.

A Builders' Easy Guide to Home Security Systems

Advancements in smart home systems have raised expectations among homebuyers for the technology they expect in their homes. This puts additional challenges on builders, architects, designers and others who work in the homebuilding space, as they’re now expected to be familiar enough with automation technology to install it in new construction.

One popular new technology in many homes is smart security systems. But how do you know which security systems best meet your clients’ needs? And what do you need to make sure the technology is installed correctly? That’s the topic of today’s blog, so read on to see what builders in the Lexington, KY region need to get the best result possible when adding a home security system.

4 Ways to Integrate Automation with a Home Alarm System

How to take full advantage of smart technology to improve a home’s security network

4 Ways to Integrate Automation with a Home Alarm System

One of the most attractive features of smart home automation technology is the ability of multiple systems to work together in a way that enhances each individual system’s strength. While we’ve written before about how this applies to things like home theaters and lighting control, the same principle can also be applied to home security solutions.

For home builders, designers and architects, this represents an opportunity to impress your clients by demonstrating the utility of automation technology. Today, let’s look at how automation can be combined with alarm systems to help your Lexington, KY clients.