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Save Energy and Money This Winter with Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades Are an Easy, Powerful Way to Add Comfort to Your Smart Home While Cutting Costs

Save Energy and Money This Winter with Motorized Shades

The chill of winter in Kentucky can cast an icy spell over your smart home. With temperatures falling and shorter days, it can be difficult to get your home heated to the degree you want without significant energy expenditures, which only adds insult to frost-bitten injury.

Luckily, home automation technology can mitigate the worst impacts of winter and help you put a dent in your energy bills. To learn more about how big an impact motorized shades can have on your Lexington, KY home, read on.



Just because there’s less sunlight hitting our homes in winter months doesn’t mean the sun has disappeared. There’s a simply a little more effort required to get the sun to fully heat your smart home.

One way that automated shades help maximize the available daylight in winter is with sensors and timers. By setting up an automatic schedule and/or employing a network of sensors that measure heat and light, your shades can adjust themselves throughout the day to make sure you’re getting the full impact of the sun.

Not only can motorized shades be lowered and raised automatically, the angle of the blinds can also be adjusted automatically, leading to even greater efficiency in harnessing the sun. Best of all, once you’ve finished setting the system up it will run indefinitely, resulting in less stress and less time spent manually adjusting your shades.


Another way motorized shades can help with energy costs is by improving your home’s insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that nearly half of an average homeowner’s energy costs come keeping a home insulated and heated.

By employing better fabrics and smarter designs, motorized shades do a much better job than normal shades of not only trapping heat in your home in colder months, but also mitigating heat gain during the summer. If your A/C system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home at a stable temperature, that will lead to significant savings over time.


While greater efficiency and more effective insulation are the main ways that motorized shades can have an impact on your energy bills, they’re not the only ways. In fact, motorized shades integrate well with many other smart home systems, leading to greater benefits as these systems combine their strengths.

As an example, let’s look at lighting control. By integrating lighting control with your motorized shades, you can create custom presets that take better advantage of available light. You can also use sensors and dimmers to make sure only occupied areas are being lit and using energy, which should also lower your heating costs.

This is just a taste of all the ways motorized shades can make your Lexington home a more pleasant place to be this winter. To learn more, contact Rely Technology at (859) 402-1413 or visit our website.

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