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4 Simple Tips to Help Builders Choose the Right Integrator

Before you start your next new-build or remodel project, make sure the integrator you’ve chosen has the right tools for the job

4 Simple Tips to Help Builders Choose the Right Integrator

If you’re a builder or designer about to embark on your next project, whether it’s new construction or a remodel, you probably know automation systems are increasingly in demand and are looking for an integrator to help you out. You know you probably want a Control4 dealer, but how do you find an integrator in Lexington, KY that’s right for you? If you’re a little lost as you search for an integrator, Rely Technology has put together this list of tips to help you find the right professionals for your upcoming job.






Installing an automation system in a home, even a large home, involves different challenges than setting up a similar system in a business or multi-unit development (MUD). Different devices are more appropriate for different spaces, and commercial projects are often more complex than residential ones.

You want an integrator who’s familiar with the ins and outs of automation projects large and small. At Rely Technology, our extensive experience and commitment to on-going training means we’re up to date on the latest devices and trends in the automation industry. For a sample of some of our work, check out our online portfolio.



A good indicator of an integrator’s quality is the thoroughness of their discovery and design process. As we already mentioned, these projects often require careful planning involving multiple components spread throughout a home or office.

The integrator you choose should take an in-depth approach to learning the needs and details of your project, and they should be prepared for contingencies and delays. Failure to make contingency plans can lead to cost overruns, delays, and other issues with your project.

Our extensive design and planning process at Rely Technology ensures we thoroughly understand every aspect of your project, from conception to installation. We go to great lengths to make certain we’ve accounted for the complications that can arise on a project, which means you won’t experience any bumps along the way.



A major automation installation is a significant investment on your part, both in time and money. If you’re going to make that investment, you want an integrator who will be available whenever you have a question or concern about your project, or to address any issues that might crop up after the project is completed.

You also want an integrator who takes a proactive, honest approach to their communication with you. You’re trusting their staff with significant resources, and they should be transparent about how the project is coming along, any issues that might have arisen and what’s happening with the various contractors and other staff involved.

At Rely Technology, our commitment to customer service means you’ll never have to worry about reaching us if there’s a problem. Our dedicated staff will keep you apprised of everything happening as your project gets underway, and we’ll be available to answer questions whenever you need us. Our video library also contains great information on how some of our devices work, which is handy whether you’ve already started your project or are still looking for ideas.



Let’s face it: No matter how big your business is, the needs of your project are dictated at least in part by local geography. Accordingly, you want an integrator with in-depth knowledge of the region, and Rely Technology is your Lexington, KY expert on residential and commercial automation. Our history in the area means we have the local expertise you need for your project. To learn more about what we can offer you, call (859) 402-1413 or visit us online.


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