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Live A More Luxurious Life with Control4 Home Automation

Here are five features you can install to make life at home easier and more relaxing.

Live A More Luxurious Life with Control4 Home Automation

We all live hectic, chaotic lives, but that doesn’t mean that chaos needs to follow us home. Your home should be the space where you can unwind and let go of the stresses of your day. Unfortunately, some of the devices we buy to make our lives easier can often have the exact opposite effect.

Enter home automation from Control4. With the right installation from a Control4 dealer, your life becomes much less stressful and unruly. Today’s blog will go through five features that a Control4 system can manage in your Lexington, KY, home to simplify your daily lifestyle

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Raising or lowering your window shades is easy enough, but there’s no reason not to simplify the task even further. With motorized shades and a Control4 system, you can manage every shade in your home from your phone, tablet or even voice commands.. This way, you’ll never have to make any manual adjustments to your shades. For even greater convenience and efficiency benefits, your shades can adjust themselves automatically. Automatic scheduling helps you maintain the ideal temperature in your home while protecting your furniture and decor from sun damage.


Installing smart lighting as part of a Control4 system gives you greater control over how your home is lit for improved efficiency. A lighting control system gives you centralized control throughout your home. You can also integrate your shades with your lights for greater energy efficiency. Smart lighting uses dimmers instead of standard on/off switches, which lowers your carbon footprint by cutting back on the energy your fixtures use. A Control4 system with smart lighting lets you come up with more distinctive lighting designs by giving you separate control over the intensity and color temperature of any fixture.


Background music makes both household chores and special occasions more enjoyable. You can listen to your favorite tunes in more places with whole-home audio. Control4 lets you find your favorite tracks and play them on one speaker or throughout the house. Your music can seamlessly follow you around your home, and you can stream different audio to different rooms to keep your whole family happy.


Ever find yourself thinking, “Did I lock the front door?” about five minutes after you left home? With Control4, your phone can show you the status of any door and let you remotely lock it. Once your workday is over, your locks will sense your phone and your door will automatically unlock. The ability to grant access to your home remotely is also handy for package deliveries and similar situations. Once the package has been dropped off, you can lock the door remotely and be confident your home is secure.


Turn up the volume at your next family dinner or pool party with outdoor audio and video. Outdoor A/V systems come in many configurations. They include everything from a handful of patio speakers connected to your existing home audio system to speakers and subwoofers spaced throughout your yard. You don’t need to worry about your TV or speakers being damaged by weather, either. Our components are designed to withstand the worst weather, and outdoor TV screens are extra bright to minimize glare even on the brightest days.

Ready to enjoy a more easygoing and restful lifestyle at home? Call us today at (859) 402-1413 to get started on your smart home upgrade. You can also reach out to us here.

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