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Do You Need an Update to Your Restaurant's Audio Video Installation?

Elevate the Customer Experience with High-Performance A/V Technology

Do You Need an Update to Your Restaurant's Audio Video Installation?

If you own a restaurant or a bar here in the Lexington, Kentucky area, it is now approaching a critical time of the year.

University of Kentucky students are back in town, and football season is just around the corner. If you want to attract and retain more business this academic school year, did you know that your establishment’s audio and video systems can play a significant role?

Whether you find that TVs in your restaurant or bar deliver lackluster image quality, speakers tend to be too loud or offer subpar audio, or it’s simply just a hassle for you and your employees to juggle all of the different technologies in your establishment, your business could benefit from a restaurant audio video installation this fall.

Below, we explore what an updated audio video installation can look like at your establishment and detail why it would be a beneficial move.


What an Audio Video Installation Entails

At Rely Technology, we approach our commercial audio video projects are on a customized basis. No single restaurant or bar here in the Lexington area is the same, and we work with you to build the design for an updated system that is optimized for your establishment.

We work within your budget and deliver personalized recommendations for your business; whether it’s upgrading TVs from standard HD to 4K Ultra HD resolution or overhauling your speaker system so that everyone in your establishment can enjoy the action at a comfortable volume.

If your restaurant or bar has space, we even recommend a video wall – a wall-mounted array of flat-screen TVs that can display multiple games simultaneously or even a single game on a combined, expansive screen.

Not only will our team work with you to develop a customized plan for your business, but we also will expertly handle the product selection and installation process so that your restaurant or bar receives the best-possible end result.

Best of all, we even can build an integrated control system that allows your employees to manage the audio and video systems at your establishment through an easy-to-use interface, accessible through an in-wall touchscreen panel or even a mobile tablet.


Why Consider an Audio Video System Update?

We’ve discussed what exactly an audio-video upgrade at your restaurant can look like, but we haven’t yet answered a looming question:

Why upgrade your bar or restaurant’s audio video installation?

Not only are there several other businesses competing for customers in the area, but audio-video technology is a fantastic way to distinguish your establishment; to make it stand out from your competitors.

If you provide a premier viewing experience and crystal-clear audio that complements the high-resolution image, customers will be more inclined to return.

Additionally, you also can increase existing customer satisfaction. If a customer requests a game to watch, for example, your employees don’t need to scramble to find the correct remote. Instead, they can use the tablet to easily change the channel on the corresponding TV.

At Rely Technology, our team is ready to assist your business. If you want to learn about the possibilities for a bar or restaurant audio video installation, we invite you to fill out our no-obligation commercial questionnaire.

Or, if you simply have a question for our team, chat live with a member of our staff below! We look forward to hearing from you.


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