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3 Simple Ways Distributed Audio Can Boost Your Business

Be more productive and wow clients with audio throughout your workspace

3 Simple Ways Distributed Audio Can Boost Your Business

It may not seem obvious at first glance, but audio plays a significant role in your business. Getting quality sound helps set the mood for employees and clients alike, and it’s crucial in presentations and meetings. It’s no wonder, then, why Rely Technology recommends businesses go with distributed audio for their commercial A/V needs.

From Lexington to other areas of Kentucky and beyond, a top of the line distributed audio systems provides many benefits to your company. This doesn’t just apply to restaurants or other businesses where you’re catering to the public; more traditional, white collar offices can gain just as much from commercial distributed audio. To learn more, check out the rest of the blog.





Distributed audio is a great way to make your office or other workspace a more pleasant place to be. You don’t want ear-splitting decibel levels while you and your staff are trying to work, but a little background music can help create a calm, productive mood for your employees. With distributed audio, you can easily stream music from most streaming services or from another device and hear it throughout your office.

Distributed audio also makes for easier upgrades or repairs to your system. Because all the equipment is centralized in one location, a technician can quickly swap out components or fix them with minimal fuss. That way you’ll save money and get back to work more quickly.



Nobody wants to waste time getting your technology to work when you’re supposed to be having a meeting or making a pitch to a client. Distributed audio can help you get more done in less time during those moments by simplifying your A/V setup.

Instead of fussing with multiple devices and trying to figure out which speaker connects to which input, seamlessly stream whatever audio you want from any source; no more potentially embarrassing moments in front of clients due to technology hiccups.

Too many people in your company to fit into a boardroom during a staff meeting? Send the overflow crowd into another crowd and seamlessly stream the audio there. These are just a few ways distributed audio makes for a more productive workplace.



Audio is a great way to grab customers’ attention and then keep them close once you’ve drawn them in. This has obvious applications for places like bars or restaurants, as we mentioned above, but it also works for retail establishments or professional offices.

Distributed audio lets you create multiple zones in a space to account for different needs in different areas of your business. You can have louder music playing outside to spark customers’ curiosity, then tone it down once they’ve come inside.

You can also create multiple zones within a single room, tailoring the audio content to the customers’ taste or other factors. This helps keep customers at ease and increases the likelihood that they’ll spend more time (and money) at your business. Best of all, the centralized control system lets you adjust the content quickly and easily.



Hopefully you’ve heard some of what we’ve had to say about distributed audio and find it intriguing. To learn more about our commercial audio and video solutions, give us a call at (859) 402-1413 or visit our website.

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